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To breed German shepherds is not like other works. It is necessary a total dedication to the animals because you have to take care of their health and their physique shape.
We arrange the reproductions, picking out carefully the brood females and the stallons of the future puppies between champions of their race.
Moreover we drive along the whole Europe for thousands kilometres to bring out our subjects and to make excellent couples.
It is an hard work to be a breeder, sometimes you have to give up, sometimes you can’t sleep. It is also a work with big satisfactions which it can feel a real passion.
After Franco and Anna Dolci, Cà; San Marco carries on with Giorgio Dolci, a very good dog expert trainer.

Giorgio, Anna e Franco Dolci

Haldo from Ca’ San Marco

Giorgio Dolci and the l’Auslese 2015 Johnny from Cà San Marco

Prizegiving Johnny di Cà San Marco Sieger S.A.S. Young 2014

Prizegiving Podio Campionato italiano SAS 2015

Lorella Cuccarini friend and costume of  Ca San Marco in compagnia of Giorgio Dolci,

Gabry e Johnny of Ca’ san Marco

Anna Dolci CEO of allevamento Cà San Marco prizegiving as best country company from Dott Carlo Valli president of Commerce chamber of Monza Brianza -Lombardia-  and the president of ACI – Autodromo di Monza F1

Giorgio Dolci with Musa of Ca´ San Marco, Champions Auslese Mondiale 2011

Reggio Emilia Campionato SAS 2013

Julia di Cà San Marco Auslese SAS per il secondo anno consecutivo ..con il suo Team

Ca’ San Marco – Group d’ Allevamento Campionato sas –
2012 Reggio Emilia

Giorgio Dolci e i Campioni: Matteo Morandi e Musa di Cà San Marco

Rispettivamente: Medaglia Olimpica agli anelli Londra 2012 – Auslese Mondiale 2011

Ca´ San Marco, Allevamento recognized by:

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